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High Definition HDMI Video Camera - 1080P

High Definition HDMI Video Camera - 1080P


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Sensor & Size(mm) Pixel(μm) G Sensitivity
Dark Signal
FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure

Sony IMX307(C)
2.9x2.9 1300mv with 1/30s 60@1920*1080(HDMI) 1x1 0.01~1000


Interface or Button Function Description
HDMI Comply with HDMI1.4 standard. 1080P format video output for standard FHD monitor
LED LED status indicator
USB Mouse Connect USB mouse for easy operation with embedded XCamView software
DC12V Power adapter connection (12V/1A)
SD Comply with SDIO3.0 standard and SD card could be inserted for video and images storage
Video Output Interface Function Description
HDMI Interface Comply with HDMI1.4 standard; 60fps@1080P
Other Function Function Description
Video Saving

Video format:2M(1920*1080) H264 encoded MP4 file

Video saving frame rate:50~60fps (related with SD card performance)
Image Capture 2M (1920*1080) JPEG image in SD card
Measurement Saving Measurement information saved in different layer with image content
Measurement information is saved together with image content in burn in mode
ISP Exposure(Automatic / Manual Exposure) / Gain, White Balance(Manual / Automatic / ROI Mode), Sharpening, 3D Denoise, Saturation Adjustment, Contrast Adjustment, Brightness Adjustment, Gamma Adjustment, Color to Gray, 50HZ/60HZ Anti-flicker Function
Image Operation Zoom In/Zoom Out, Mirror/Flip, Freeze, Cross Line, Overlay, Embedded Files Browser, Video Playback, Measurement Function
Embedded RTC(Optional) To support accurate time on board
Restore Factory Settings Restore camera parameters to its factory status
Multiple Language Support English / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Thai / French / German / Japanese / Italian / Russian
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