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Digital Bench-top Centrifuge, 100-5000rpm (Max. 3074xg), 6x15ml

Digital Bench-top Centrifuge, 100-5000rpm (Max. 3074xg), 6x15ml


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  • Digital bench-top centrifuge for up to 6 of 15 ml tubes (do not order this item for uses with other sizes of tubes).
  • LCD display showing time (15sec-99min) and speed (100-5000rpm, up to 3074xg).
  • Safety lid-lock prevent opening the centrifuge lid until the rotor has stopped spinning, Automatic release the lid when operation has stopped to save processing time
  • Separate short spin button for convenient and quick spins.
  • 110v-60Hz, 40W.


Always put your tubes in symmetric and balanced layout, otherwise you may damage this machine or have other unwanted outcomes.

Insert the provided adapters into the tube container if your 15ml tube cannot reach the bottom of the container.

This centrifuge is ideal for the separation of serum plasma. urea, blood samples and other routine applications in research laboratories.


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