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Digital Bench-top Centrifuge, 100-4000rpm (Max. 2740xg), 6x50 ml Rotor

Digital Bench-top Centrifuge, 100-4000rpm (Max. 2740xg), 6x50 ml Rotor


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Safety lid-lock. prevents opening lid until rotor stops

DC motor free of maintenance

Short spin and timing set spin patterns make it more efficient

LCD sreen displays time and speed,convenient to set and read

Use the advanced and reliable CPU control system. can control the RPM, RCF and time accurately.

Ventilation cooling system and excellent air heat exchange technology which will reduce the rotor temperature. Sound alert and automatic open the lid after the rotor stops.

Adjustable speed: 100 - 4000 rpm. Max relative centrifugal force:2740xg.

It indudes the spacer layer outside chamber to absorb the noise, reduce the vibration;

Overspeed, over-current,over-voltage protection and imbalance system ensure the machine operating safety. sound alert after operating or error, the LED display shows the corresponding error code.

Technical Data:

Speed Range: 100-4000 rpm (increment:100rpm)

Max.RCF: 2740xg

Max.Sample Capacity: 50mlx6

Time Range: 20sec ~ 99min

Safety: safety lid-lock,imbalance system

Working Noise: ≤56dB

Acceleration/Deceleration: 20s↑20s↓

Power: 200W


Always put your tubes in symmetric and balanced layout, otherwise you may damage this machine or have other unwanted outcomes.


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